Launched in 2008 at the department of Management, Science and Technology, Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Amirkabir University of Technology is today one of the most renowned MBA brands not only in the Iranian academic and business environments, but also among international academic and business arenas. With the highest standards, quality, and practicality, Amirkabir’s postgraduate students experience a world-class MBA education and expertise.

This course is designed to meet the latest theories and case-studies and also nuanced in light of Iranian business environment. Amirkabir’s MBA program is especially fruitful for attendees from scientific backgrounds who aim to gain a deeper insight into management delicacies and practical challenges. An entrance exam, interview and job-experience are the basis of assessment for entering the program.

Delivered by its highly reputed faculty, the core modules (30 credits) cover:

As electives, students are offered a wide variety of modules such as Leadership in Organizations, Risk Management, Change Management, Decision Theory, Knowledge Management, Quality Management, Financial Engineering, and Business Environment, to name some. Students with high research capabilities can be offered the option to undertake a thesis as a selective as well.