Established in 2012 for the first time in Iran at Amirkabir’s department of Management, Science and Technology, Master of Project Management offers students from diverse educational backgrounds the ability and knowledge to partake in project-oriented business activities in a much more informed, educated and insightful manner.

Students are introduced to the latest developments in the theories and practices of project management and control. An entrance exam as well as interview constitute the preliminary criterion the students are assessed upon. Designed with the highest standards and delivered by specialized faculty, Project Management course embraces core modules (12 credits) such as:

  • Project Management Methodologies and Standards
  • Human Resource Management and Behavioral Issues in Project-oriented Organizations
  • Contract Management and Negotiation
  • Organization Management and Theories

Among the selective modules (12 credits), Project Planning and Control, Risk Management in Projects, Project Branding, Team-building and Practices, Leadership and Management in Projects, Project Finance and Investment Management, Claims and Dispute Management, Knowledge Management, Effective Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Project Portfolio Management, Project-oriented Organizations can be named. Students are also required to undertake a thesis (of 6 credits) and Seminar (2 credits).