Department Overview

DMST with a young generation of academics graduated from top international business and management schools worldwide offers world-class postgraduate programs in management, philosophy of science and also technology management. MBA and MSc Programs at the school of management are carried out at the highest quality standards and present quality human capital for management, industrial and service positions every year. Students at the school of management experience a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere and enhance their networks among the best of talents and most enthusiastic business apprentices.

Our research addresses national management agenda, including international technology transfer, risk management, industrial policy, innovation strategy and firm level consultancy. We work closely with governmental agencies. We also work a broad range of sectors including power plant equipment, car industry, ICT, and urban management.

The MBA program is carried out by innovative and top level course designs internationally and attracts many students and practitioners from diverse educational backgrounds and practical settings. Being offered for seven consecutive years, the MBA of Amirkabir University of Technology has become a renowned brand and educational triumph at both national and international scales. MBA courses are designed to meet the latest theories and case studies and also nuanced in light of Iranian business environment.

The AUT’s MBA is a full-time program and comprises 16 subjects, including 10 core (30 credits) and 6 elective (18 credits) courses, which can be taken as a minor specialization. The MBA attracts applicants with a range of professional experience levels and from a range of different fields (mostly technologists and engineers). The key mission has been aimed to provide a mix of theory and hands-on practice ensuring that our MBA courses are not only relevant in a competitive global environment, but immediately applicable to the Iranian marketplace. We currently have 305 students at the MSc level and 25 at the PhD level.

To further ensure that our MBA is of the highest quality possible, DMST has established valuable academic and industry links, inviting qualified and experienced lecturers from within and outside the university.